Husbands can be afraid of asking you various issues. Reasons can be many but you need to be cautious with them. While asking the questions at times they knew the answers but at times a confirmation is necessary. In all the opinions marriage is a sacred institution. All though there is a relationship between the two in other means also a marriage is one of the mature ones and any kind of insane moves shall be avoided. Today here we will know 10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You, we mean from their wives.

Do you really need to check my mobile?

10 things that your husband is afraid to ask you


Nowadays mobiles are a serious concern everywhere. As guys cannot take their hands on from them and their wives keep a bull’s eye on the phones. They just look for any opportunity that they can catch up, to have a check on them and know what they are up to. Well!! Relationships always survive on the wall of trust. If you are an honest husband than your phones doesn’t need any, call checks, passwords, social media locks. But yes, if you are a man of doubt or look forward to hiding behind the curtain of privacy then definitely your wife will surely raise her suspicious eyes for your mobile.

Can I hang out with my gang like College days?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

It is a common thing that when somebody gets married the friends are a cliche to them. If he is going out to chill or hanging out, then he should be accompanied by his wife. Going out like the old days is not possible for him. It is an issue in many cases, but you should know that your wives also use to have a gang of her own. Let her go out for a change and enjoy her independence. Definitely, you will get your own too without any pressure.

Can you please come out with me without makeup?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

Before marriage, there can be issues with her as she wants to look good for you. But nobody likes to wait for an hour for her wife to get ready and when she came out she is all dolled up in colors. At time husbands wants to look at her wife like her original personality. But they should, that if she is spending so much time in her dressing room is because she wants to look best for him. They need to have their patience intact so that she could able to blossom as she wants.

Do we really need to visit your parent’s house?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

This is something that is very important as not all husbands are comfortable to pay a visit to their wife’s parents. They are quite afraid to meet their aunts, brothers, sisters and at times they feel quite bored or aloof. Most of the husbands commented on this situation that it feels like they have come from a different planet altogether. But it can’t be ignored, so do try to feel happy and can make your vacation short by staying with them for a few hours only.

Are you PMS-ing?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

For every woman, those four days can be really irritating and they can have various mood swings. And in any case, if you ask them surely ready to get a hit on you. Of course, it is a fault in the relationship too, as you need to stop yourself getting into her. So, don’t ask if you find her pissing you off for every small issue, then you should get your heads right about her PMS-ing thing. So start pampering her as it will make her happy as she will not be shouting at you and you will at peace too.

Are you Angry and I am the Reason?


Women are sensitive, of course, but they do have issues pertaining to their anger. Your little things are very much counted to them. So if you are finding them a bit off, then it is better to be quiet. Try to evaluate the task that you have recently done and shown her love and care. Once you took her in your confidence, then you can ask her about the same. But be ready to feel the anger and try to listen rather than speaking and intervening in between. Once she finishes off, yes, you can give your justifications and let her know why you were so much into the same.

Do you regret your decision for marrying me?


If your partner is unhappy recently then definitely this question will cross your mind. And you are afraid to ask the question as the answer can be yes for the same too. So, don’t let such a situation be there between you two. Try to sort things out before they get worse. Speak your heart out, listen to her and here you are with the winning shield.

Am I best in Bed?


10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

Guys are always in a dilemma about their performance in bed. Before getting married you can find your lady exaggerating your performance, but after getting married they become outspoken. Of course, your performance depends upon her support as well, so she should also help you out with traveling that extra mile. Most of the men are afraid to ask this question that they should consider the fact that the size of the tool is not always considered. As it is just about your performance in making her happy on the bed.

Are you putting On weight?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You

Getting compliments from your husband is every wife desires. After getting married at the time you will find your life to be monotonous and at such a time if he comes with a lovely tone of compliments for you, then surely she will love it. Question regarding putting on extra weight can upset her as she is already dealing with various changes in her hormones post pregnancy too.

Have you ever been attracted to any other guy?

10 Things That Your Husband Is Afraid To Ask You



Getting a yes to this question can make your sleep disappear in the nights. If you find her behaving a bit differently, these days, then there can be someone else in her life. If you do not want to hang around the bushes then you can directly ask her about her behavior and then watch her answer. A “NO” is enough to calm you, but do know not everyone is so much fortunate enough. GOODLUCK!!!







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