Impressing any women on your first date can be a bit difficult task if you are looking forward to. As you never know how they will react to you, in the first meeting. But this is important and we have shortlisted some tips to help you out on your first date. Do have a look on 10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date as described below:


10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date

Look and behave like gentlemen, don’t try to be a servant:

This is our first tip that you should take care while you take your lady out. Pulling a chair out for her, opening the door of the car etc, have been old school talks. You need to know that if you are meeting independent women then she would like to do everything by herself. She will judge your personality through your action, so don’t seem to be a desperate one ready to jump into a relationship. Show her concern, and if she seems to like your behavior you can repeat it. Behave like you are with a close friend, but don’t open and reveal your secrets.

Your Funny Bones Can interest Her:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date

While going on a date, don’t try to be serious because then your first meeting can turn out to be quite boring for both of them. Look forward to cracking good jokes so that she starts feeling comfortable with you. But don’t very blunt as you don’t know what her mood, but she is smiling and giving her comments on your jokes. That means she is enjoying your company. Laughing creates positivity and makes the environment light. So try to create an optimistic environment while making her smile and laugh often.

Explore about her not the place:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date

Most of the guys in their first meeting look forward to a place which is expensive and can make her look that she is dating a good guy. But this thinking is not up to the mark as no one can opt to go bankrupt for a date. Try to look what she likes, maybe she just wants to listen to good music and have some light food. And you end up booking a lounge with a high music. You can also opt for cheaper options as well. Try to make her feel at ease and know about her comfortability. If she doesn’t like to stay, then move on as she wishes. A lot of guys like sports and when they find somebody of their favorite players and the same is telecasted on the TV Placed nearby to your dinner place. They started boasting about it. Having good knowledge about anything is good, but you should if she wants to listen or not. Don’t overreact and show your excitement about anything. Be calm and cool.

Be Yourself:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date

Most of the people in trying to impress others be someone who they aren’t. Remember, you want her to like you, not somebody else. So don’t be a clone. Be yourself, as this will comfort you and her too. Don’t boast about yourself, try to let her know your weaknesses as well, but all in a balanced way. Be polite and behave as you usually do while going out.

Don’t look at other fishes:

Guys love to check out other girls. But remember when you are with a girl it can be your first, second or any number, date and can turn out to be your last one too. She will surely judge out your character based on your first date performance so try to make it a memorable date for her when you just concentrate on her looks, talks and you guys can move to be a part of each other’s life.

Don’t reveal about your past experiences:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date


If you do not want to have a healthy relationship with your girl then don’t reveal or talk about your past relationships. Just try to make your first date an adventurous drive for you both, but never look to drive fast slow down listen to her as well. If she takes an initiative in asking about your past then do tell her like you have just met a stranger.

Respect her Time:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date

Arriving late for your date can possibly leave a bad impression on her that you must take care of before. If you are running late due to unavoidable circumstances, then do let her know about the scheduled time. Otherwise, you can leave her furious with waiting for you. Try to be on time, while speaking to her lot of people give more attention to their mobile phone which is a wrong habit. So, give her attention that and listen to her, keep your phone on silent mode.

Women like decent guys:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date


Don’t try to start offering her drinks once you met each other. And once you start planning for your date try to look for a sober or quite place as it can help you in talking to each other. Because in a bar, she can turn you down by saying that she doesn’t drink anymore or maybe her drink isn’t available and she is not ready to replace it as well. So, try to take her out to a place where you can know about her wishes and then on your next meeting, you can ask her out to any drinking spot as she likes.

Let her win:

What if you lose a small debate from her. Don’t try to act dumb, but let her win over you and fill the ambiance with her laughter. As women do search their happiness in little things and if you give them the independence you gonna see them blossom. So let her have this opportunity as she can be her best with you.

Try to pay first:

10 Tips To Impress A Women On Your First Date


Unlike old times women are the ones nowadays who love to pay for their own drinks and food. But, try to have this opportunity under your hands and ask her to look forward to the other evening and you will let her pay. She also can choose to pay half, but try to refuse but if she insists then let it be.


  • I enjoyed the explore her, not the place part. I have a blog I’m launching soon and one of my articles talks about 1st date ideas. So many good options are cheap alternatives as opposed to common cliches. I spoke about a similar thing that the place does not impress the woman as much as the dialogue spoken therein.

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