4 Reasons That Can Cause Spotting Between Periods

4 Reasons That Can Cause Spotting Between Periods

It can be a drop or two, but spotting between periods can make you worried at times. But it can be a natural process or at times due to the various hormonal changes. The spotting between the menstruation cycle can shock you.

Let’s have a quick look at the 4 reasons for spotting between periods:

Spotting between periods


The spotting between periods can be due to many reasons, but it can also be a side effect of various hormonal birth control techniques that you employ. Spotting can be found when you stop having your contraceptive pills or when you start with them. But in any case, if you find the same symptom coming up every month, then do contact your health professional today itself.


During your body transition into Menopause, you can find various issues with your periods. And spotting and irregularity are one of the common symptoms. This symptom is quite common in Menopause and has been observed by more than 50 percent of women.


Many women experience spotting after the ovulation periods for them ends. Ovulation is the time when you are most fertile for the conceiving the baby. So do remember if you are avoiding pregnancy that you do not misunderstand spotting between the periods with the menstruation. In some ladies, although it is seen that periods keep on coming while they are pregnant too. But if you have the slightest of doubt then do keep a check through your healthcare professional.

Spotting Between Periods


Many women do face spotting during the first few months of pregnancy. This symptom is harmless and doesn’t affect healthy pregnancy. But if the symptoms continue after the first few months too, then do refer to the gynecologist for the ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening too.

Our body is regulated by hormones. A slight change can get you something which is undesirable. So, do take care of these reasons but if the same reoccurs for many months, then you need to refer the doctor.







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