5 Best Online Dating Sites For Women

5 Best Online Dating Sites For Women

Dating is loved by everyone. And the internet has made everything super easy today. You can check lots of dating sites online and make your account to have a hookup. These dating sites have been one of the platforms for women that they can explore and can seek their partners in a blink of the eye. There are lots of free dating sites, while some look for you to pay for enjoying their premium services. It’s your choice and preference as every online dating sites follow a concept. And you need to choose the best one to look for a perfect mate.

Let’s have a look on some of the online dating sites available for women today:


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The king of online dating sites has a user base of 13.5 million. The interesting part is that it is a paid online dating site. From the quantum of users, you can check out the kind of crazy crowd the site attracts. The site has helped lots of couples to meet up, many long term relationships to sustain and turned into marriage. The percentage of the women users are 51% and the men account for 49%.

Establish in 1995 the website has earned quite a name and have helped million in reaching their life partner.


LOVEStarted in 2007, Zoosk offers an interface that is user-friendly and is way ahead of others in the same league in comparison to technology. You can sign up for free at the initial level to check the services and then can move to the premium ones. Zoosk is one of the websites that has a user base of 35 million and in which 52 percent are females. If you are looking for a casual or a deeper relationship, then you are on the right platform with the Zoosk.

Elite Single’s:

ONLINE LOVEFrom the name only you can understand the respective dating site is for the class conscious people. The best part of the website is, it is quite safe to have an account and they make sure that it is no-nonsense or insecurity prevails in their system. They do have their uniqueness in their fraud detection system so that people who are signing get a compatible partner. The websites most of the crowd is having the bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees. With 29 lakhs people visiting the website every month and if you look at the gender percentage than women accounts for 57% while men are at 43% only. That’s really interesting.

Our Time.com:

5-best-online-dating-websites-for-womenDating is not just for young people and this website clearly proves that. Yes, if you are above 50 and are seeking the partner for yourself, then this website can be your resort. The website has a crowd of 1.4 million people visiting every month. And the female percentage is again high at 52 percent, while men are at 48%. The website is designed for the oldies and has an easy sign-up system for the users, to cater the mature user base.

The website proves that romance doesn’t have any age.


Adult friend finder has been one of the revolutionary dating websites. If you are looking forward for a date  tonight this site can help in reaching for your partner with similar sexual desires. The website helps the people to express their desires and can speak to their partner through the platform and convey their message. The site can help you in a short term affair or hook up. Approximately 25.5 million people visit the website every month and the percentage of women is a bit on a lower side and forms just the 35% of the user base. While men take into account the other 65%.

Dating sites are undoubtedly quite interesting to search your partner. And to look for the people who share similar interest with you. So have a look on this dating website and choose the best one to make your account with.


  • If you’re also looking for a great podcast that discusses the male and female perspectives on online dating, I’d suggest checking out So, We Met Online (iTunes, Google Play). You’re all not alone. Learn and laugh to help you through it.

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