5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women

5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women

It’s not men that are dirty and are often treated as the screws that create a nuisance. But if you could inquire about women then you will find them no less than them. But do you know women have their own way to express their thoughts but they do take care of men getting know about the same? Yes, they like to hide admitted it. And probably they hide it from the world too. Let’s talk about 5 Dirty Secrets Of Women That They Didn’t Share With Anyone:

Women Share Everything With Their Friends:

5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women
It is a universal truth about women that they can’t keep secrets. And that is why they are considered one of the fastest mode of communicating to each other. Anyways, women love to share the secrets with their close pals. Whether it is about anyone and the intensity doesn’t know heights. If you have told her anything then you should know about that she has passed the same to at least to one of her close friends. So beware of the same.

They have a check on their Exes:


5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women

Whether the communication is for the women to women or in today’s world they take the support of the technology to know more about their Ex-boyfriends. But this doesn’t mean that they are in love with them as they already had a breakup, but they like to keep themselves updated with their status about the same. They just want to know about the ones about their wellbeing and how they are moving on in their lives.

Women love flirting for a free drink:

5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women

The women do flirt for scoring free drinks from anyone. Lots of men do make out about them as one of the disrespectful people, but it’s quite easy for them. They do not need to do a lot of things just wearing a hot outfit says it all. But you can judge them from this action as it does not mean that they will love to leave with you after the party. So, don’t get them wrong. As they are a bit clever so mind the fact that they can be at your side till they finish their drink and chose to leave one the ice is left in their glass.

Women never reveal their extraordinary Past:

This is very much true as women never want to reveal about their past. They do feel quite insecure about their current relationships it can result in getting into a difficult situation. As lots of men can’t handle these issues and consider their women as disrespectful and at times can lead to breakups as well.

Women also farts:

5 Dirty Secrets Kept By Every Women

If a man farts then there is nothing bad about it, but if a woman does it becomes an issue. It proved that men fart a lot as they chew their food much faster as compared to women. But women look forward to suppressing the gas as it is considered one of the awkward movement to handle at times.


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