5 Reasons for Missed or Delayed Periods

5 Reasons for Missed or Delayed Periods

If you are not thinking about a baby, a delayed or missed period is enough to freak you out. Don’t worry most of the ladies have been through this phase. In your regular routine for your body to work normally regular period is very essentials. On one side you feel cramps, mood swings, and boating and on the other, you are happy that you are not pregnant. There can be many 5 Reasons for Missed or Delayed Periods other than pregnancy too.

Periods in many sense regulate your body operations. If you are getting late or missing them do inquire about the reason. We have shortlisted 5 Reasons for Missed or Delayed Periods:


stressed women
Stressed Women

Hypothalamus, a part of the brain can affect the functioning of your menstrual cycle. According to the gynecologists, the hypothalamus gets affected due to stress. And which in turn affects the hormone secretion for periods. Try to avoid stress in all the ways as it is destructive for your reproductive cycle too.

Excessive Workout:

Women working outYour body requires estrogen to be secreted in enough amounts to complete the reproductive cycle. If you are working out or losing weight due to diet control or overdo of exercises, then you can have missed periods. As your body, BMI will also become low due to excessive workouts. So, if you are looking forward to preparing for Marathon then do know that there can be missed period as you are stressing out on exercises.

Changing Schedules:

Missed PeriodsNight shifts or regular travel can disrupt your body clock at times. This is a common reason for delayed or missed period. As body also require to settle down in your new schedule and therefore there can be some changes. And a delayed period is one of them.



If you are breastfeeding, there are chances that you may not see your periods for days. The prolactin is one of the hormones that are responsible for breast milk also works on the suppression of ovulation. Ovulation always occurs before your periods and in their absence don’t think that you can’t get pregnant.  You can possibly ovulate and get pregnant before you see your delayed periods. If you are not looking for back to back babies so look for a reliable protection in those breastfeeding days.

Premature Menopause:

5 Reasons for Missed or Delayed Periods Women consulting with doctor

This is not a common symptom but yes seen in a few cases. At the age of 40, you can see the hormones giving you a signal of Menopause. There can be symptoms like vaginal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes and of course missed a period. So, if you face this situation do consult your gynecologist immediately as there can be many reasons for the same.

Jumping on to a conclusion by yourself is not a solution. Consult your doctor if the interval between periods is getting longer!




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