5 Reasons Why Men Likes To Date Healthy or Thick Women

5 Reasons Why Men Likes To Date Healthy or Thick Women

Women or girls have always been a fitness freak. They wanted to lose as much weight as they can. But do you know that men can be interested in you if you are healthy too? In lots of interviews and in studies it has been found out that men like thick women too. Not all run after the skinny women. Let’s know about 5 Reasons Why Men Likes To Date Healthy or Thick Women:

5 Reasons Why Men Likes To Date Healthy or Thick Women


They are easily approachable and talked to:

Healthy women have their feet on the ground. As they have confidence in them and they know if they chase guys then definitely they can run away with the other best options. On the other hand, the guys who have been after skinny girls find the healthy women option as a lucrative one as they are easy to get through.

No more Diets:

5 Reasons Why Men Likes To Date Healthy or Thick Women

Do you remember your last skinny girlfriend who keeps on nagging you to eat healthy food and avoid carbs as much as you can? I hope you haven’t forgotten the days when you need to drive extra just to buy salads and juices for lunch. With the thick women, you don’t need to take any pain as while coming to their place you can grab cheese burgers with you and they do not mind if you order donuts after having them too.

They are awesome for cuddling:

Do you remember cuddling skinny women and feeling her fat little bones in your arms? On the other hand, cuddling, big or healthy women is what will make you comfortable on any couch or bed. Sleeping with her is like looking for a treasure by bringing her in your arms. It will be a lot of fun, especially in winters when you get cozy with her under one blanket.

They are not high-maintenance:



Most of the guys get irritated before a date as their girls take lots of time in getting ready. They have so much to do and they love to purchase out expensive stuff and remain updated with the newest and the expensive brand in the market. While the healthy girls look cool as they are. They don’t agree with others on the time taking part and get ready in minutes once they know that their guy is taking her out.

They are Confident in their skin:

Healthy girls know who they are and are pretty much confident of themselves. They know that they are not quite good looking and never bothers about the same too. They dress up in a funny manner and know that their looks are not great like skinny girls, but they love to make the same as their strength. And looks on working on other stuff.


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