5 Signs Of Ovulation That You Should Know

5 Signs Of Ovulation That You Should Know

If you are one of the couples who isn’t using any birth control techniques, then there are approximately 20 percent chance that you can be pregnant. During Ovulation the percentage of conceiving is always high in the small window of 12 to 24 hours when the egg becomes viable. This small window helps in the fertilization of the egg for pregnancy. There are various Signs Of Ovulation that you need to take care if you are looking forward to pregnancy.

Signs Of Ovulation

A sperm lives longer for 3 to 6 days as compared to the ovum. If you had sex a few days before the ovulation when the body has enough sperm to fertilize the egg when it oozes out during ovulation. If you had sex on the day of ovulation, then the frequency for the pregnancy is high. And you should know that ovulation the window gets closed and doesn’t open till the next cycle. Ovulation cycle usually occurs at the halfway of menstruation. You can calculate from the first day of periods to the first day of next periods

It is very important to know the various signs of ovulation. Let’s have a look on some of them:

Signs Of Ovulation

Check Your Calendar:

You need to keep a keen eye on your periods time. If you have irregular periods then your responsibility for the same definitely increases.

Basal Body Temperature Fluctuation:

The BBT of your body can see sudden changes with the ovulation. On the day of ovulation in the first half due to the action of estrogen hormone, you will find your body with lower temperature. While in the second half because of progesterone you will find your body temperature getting high. These fluctuations are quite sudden and will alarm you that your uterus is ready for fertilization now.


Listen to the signal given by your body:

At the time of ovulation, your body will signal you in the way of something abnormal going on in your body. You can feel pain in the middle of your abdomen, mood swings or something unusual in your body. All of them are the signs of the maturation of egg or your ovary going to release the egg.

Try to know your Cervix:

The cervix is a neck like a passage between your uterus and vagina. It is said to stretch while giving birth so that the head of the baby can be accommodated. Once ovulation occurs the cervix easily opens up and become wider to accommodate the sperm for the fertilization. Some of the women can easily feel the same while others can have a check by putting one or two fingers inside too. You can keep a chart with you to mark the performance of the same.


Get an Ovulation Predictor Kit today:

Ovulation predictor kit can let you know in advance in 12 to 24 hours that you are going to ovulate. The kit keeps a check on Leutinizing hormone (LH) that hits and indication are there on the tool about the ovulation. Just read the instructions mention on the ovulation kit and follow them for the exact date and time.

These Signs Of Ovulation will definitely help you in getting the approx timings and date. So plan accordingly!




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