5 Signs To Know That She Is Not Rejecting You

5 Signs To Know That She Is Not Rejecting You

Relationships have their own charm. For some, it’s been a bed of roses while for others it can leave a bitter taste. Lots of men find it difficult to be with women. And to follow their mood swings at times. They love them and wants to be with them, but could not able to calculate what she is telling him through her silent language. Let’s talk about some of the signs of women that you can notice and know about her liking for you:

Looking at her best:


When women like any men, she takes time out to get ready and well-dressed for the men she is going with. If she is in you, then she will definitely try all her ways out to look beautiful for you.


Stalks you on your Social Media Platform:

If a girl likes you then just need to check her phone to have a look on Instagram for the friend’s suggestions. If you find yourself there, it proves that she is into you. And look forward to taking the relationship to the next level. Girls are cute, funny and she couldn’t take her hands on without searching you on social media.

If She introduces to her friends, colleagues or to the people she hangs out:

5 Signs To Know That She Is Not Rejecting You

Like men, women also have a fear of rejection. They fear that with how their men will react when they got to know who they really are. If she introduces you to her world that means she really trusts you and wants to be with you.


Women will talk to you in a secret language of signs:

If you find her playing with her hairs, laughing at your stupid jokes or sitting straight. You can very well know that the fire of love is there on both the sides. She is just trying to grab your attention from the world.


If she wants to know more about you:

5 signs to know that she is not rejecting you.

The girl’s world is different from the men’s one. They care, love and try to know every tit and bit related to you. If she wants to know about your family, friends, where you use to study and all about your past and future. You can easily make out, yes she likes you.


Women are lovely undoubtedly, but yes, you need to strive hard to know them better and to show them that you really care. These signs will surely help you in taking your time out for them and knowing that she likes you or not.


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