5 Symptoms Of Menopause That You Should Not Ignore

5 Symptoms Of Menopause That You Should Not Ignore

Menopause is not a disease but is a truth of life. Lots of women face the issue of Menopause as a shocking news. There are any symptoms of Menopause that you should not ignore at any cost. It will help in letting you know that something unusual is going with your body. Menopause refers to a time when the reproductive activity of women seems to come to an end in her mid-40s. Hormonal imbalance is one of the common symptoms that initiates other irregularities in the women’s body. It can cause various adverse effects n your body starting from 2 years prior to your final periods. Let’s have a detailed discussion about the various symptoms of Menopause in women:

Hot Flushes:

It is one of the common symptoms that most of the women feel when Menopause starts. The sudden stream of heat, sensation or warmth starts running into their body. The hot flushes are a kind of imbalance of hormone named as Estrogen. The body naturally starts decreasing the secretion of estrogen which regulates the periods.

Irregular Periods:

IRREGULAR PERIODSYour periods can be irregular or sometimes you may skip them too. There are chances that periods can be delayed by days. The bleeding can also be heavy or light differs from individual to individual. Menstrual irregularity has been found in many women who have reached the mid 40’s. Due to a decrease in the secretion of hormones named as estrogen and progesterone, there can be issues with bleeding.

Vaginal dryness:

Vaginal dryness is marked by the symptoms that teh mucus, soft and moist lining around the vagina disappears. And there can be signs of irritation during sex as the muscles of the vagina has become thin. The decrease in secretion of estrogen leads to such conditions of the vagina and you can seek medication so that if it starts disturbing your health.

Mood Swings:

Business Headache

During menstruation, mood swings are quite common. At times you want to do something but another second you can lose interest in the same too. According to teh most of the women, they feel fatigue whole day and this is one of the reasons of their mood swings.

Hair Thinning:

HAIR THINNINGThis is one of the physical consequences that individual faces as the hair seem to be dropping or thinning with the time. Hair growth is regulated by estrogen but with the Menopause, it seems to be suppressed and this results in losing of hairs. You can discuss with your doctor how you can regulate the hair loss in menopause.

husband and wifeAt Menopause a life partner’s responsibility seems to increase by a ton. You need to take care of your wife as at this time she needs you the most. Give her attention so that she can able fight with the Menopause and can start leading a  normal life again.


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