Are you still living in your PAST??

Are you still living in your PAST??

Are you still living in your PAST??

Everyone has the past, that has left its remembrance as lessons, memories, etc. But if we talk about the people they majorly keep on hovering around the past memories. Once if there is something wrong happens in their life. They start interlinking with the old bad memories and incidents. But we should know that life is all about MOVING on.

If you have bad experiences in your past that doesn’t mean the pattern will be repeated again. You need to give space and don’t feel bad if any of your relationships ended badly. Rather you should be happy that finally, you are out of the situation to explore new opportunities. But in the practical sense if we see the people try to connect their present to their past memories. And look forward to overshadowing as the same will be repeated.

Trust a pillar of relationships

If we talk about the pattern of relationship if you have been cheated in the past that definitely teaches you a lot. Trust is one of the beautiful things and in a relationship. It plays a crucial role, don’t be cynical because of your past rather than try to be cautious and smart. So that you can read people through their gestures and actions. As every cloud has a silver lining so being heartbroken after a bad relationship will not serve its purpose, rather you should be a person that looks on the positive side and emerges as an individual that seeks love in others, discuss the issues and have a forgotten past.

Once you stop relating, you have overcome the same, so try to be positive, and don’t let your past decide yours today. Take it easy, every day is a new day and you never know what the same has in its lap, so be ready for everything and do give another chance as you never know you can be LUCKY this time.


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