If you know French then it is quite simple that to douche means to “to rinse” or “to wash” vagina. You can go to your nearby drug or any grocery store to get the douche and can use the same to pour it on your vagina with the help of a nozzle or hose. The solution used in Douche has a water base and have a certain amount of Iodine, Vinegar, perfume, baking soda or some kind of fragrance for you.


If we just talk about the percentage of women using Douche in “America” then you can see about 20 to 40 percent of the women use Douche between the ages of 44 to 15 years.

Is Douching your vagina is a safe practice:

As per many researchers, the answer is “NO”. And it can only result in increasing various health issues in women. The vagina is one of the self-cleaning organs. The walls and the cervix of vagina releases a certain amount of liquid known as mucous that is said to be constituted of Menstrual blood, some bacteria and old cells. The bacteria that are said to be present all the time in vagina prevents the entry of many microbes in a vagina. The vagina is always said to have the acidic environment. But in some cases, it helps in minimizing the risk of various infections entering into your vagina. If you perform douching on a regular basis, then you will find that the balance of the vagina is disturbed. And can help with rising various vaginal health issues too.

Some of the myths related to Douching:

Most of the women perform the same as a part of the cleaning process:

The douching process. not only washes away the menstrual blood. But do affect your vaginal acidic and pH, which can affect the health too, making you vulnerable to many infections.

Douching can help me in getting rid of bad odor:

If you find your vagina infected with bad odor, then you need to consider nearest health care professional rather than douching it out. Douching can cause lots of infecting diseases like STDs, bladder or bacterial infection, which will only turn worse if you didn’t get proper treatment. As if you think about odor, then yes douching has made it go away for a while, but not a permanent solution for the same.

Do you like Douching Your Vagina?

Douching is helping me out by creating bacterial infection:

This should be taken care of as douching can make it worse too by making the infections enter deep into the pelvis. And your doctor finds it difficult to know how to take care of you too.

Douching can prevent STDs and pregnancy:

After having sex most of the women like to douche as they have in mind that it will wash the semen. But the reality is different as douching can prevent infertility and is said to be associated with ectopic pregnancy. The ectopic pregnancy is said to occur when you find fetus developing outside your womb mostly in the fallopian tubes. And the matter is quite serious as it can cause life-threatening issues too.



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