Do You Share A Healthy Mother Daughter Relationship

Do You Share A Healthy Mother Daughter Relationship

The mother is the first person who you owe everything in your life. Their relationship with their daughters is one of the special ones. It can be deep or like best friends while for some the conversation happens once in a while. Sharing the same gender definitely helps you in sharing lots of things in mother daughter relationship. But at times if the crack becomes deep then it becomes a bit difficult to handle too. Let’s talk about some of the measures that can help you out in making a healthy bond with your mother:

Change your attitude:

Your mother can be above 50 years old and her attitude can be difficult to tackle at times. It is better that you try to change yourself so that you can able to spend one of your best time with her. Look forward to the things that make her happy as a single move of yours will make her day.

Proper and Timely Communication is must:

Grown up daughters become so busy with their work schedules that speaking to the mother about her daily stuff at times is boring for them. Post work they become tired, if they have moved to other cities they do not have time for calls or even acknowledge their messages. This practice is not correct, whatever we are today is something that she has thought at any point in time. And we need to respect it, so give your time whenever you have to listen to her issues and let her know how much you miss her.

Don’t linger on with misunderstandings:

Once the children grow up, their ego also grows with them. If in any relationship there is any misunderstanding then it is enough to eat the strong threads. So, if you have an argument too with her try to make her calm and repair the damage instantly. Don’t wait for her to give you a call. Take the first step by yourself. It will make her realize too about the seriousness of yours towards her.

do-you-share-a-healthy-mother-daughter-relationshipDisagreements are common in any relationship:

It’s not true that you agree on the same issues. There can so many things in which your opinion can differ from one another like parenting your children, eating habits, working culture, etc. She will be letting you know from her experience and you be from yours. You can’t be one the same page every time. And it is good to disagree too, but never take it personally as it will destroy the peace of your mind only.

Learn forgiveness:

At times you need to forgive the person in front of you to have a healthy relationship. There can be instances when your mother was not correct and the circumstances were bad for you. But taking a revenge from your parents is not a good practice. Anybody can take a bad decision on the basis of probability. But you need to help each other by forgiving her and maintain a healthy never ending relationship.


Forget your past injuries:

Lots of people keep on talking about the past lessons or the past issues. And keep on telling their dear one by repeating the words about the past. The Past has a strong grip on everyone, but a good practice is to forget it. It will help you in making your ties with your parents or siblings strong. And also you will not live with any injury of your past memories. Most of the people linger in their past and are quite reluctant to speak to the people who have some relationship with them in their previous years.

But it’s not correct you need to let it go, as only then you can walk off with a smile. If you have been a victim of a broken marriage and it has affected your childhood memories. You can discuss the same with your mother and open your heart. Don’t be stubborn, let her explain her stand too. It will relax you and you will definitely get rid of those bad times.


Long Distance Relationships:

Through many types of research is seen that women communicate better when they reach out for face to face communication. A mother and daughter relationships can see hiccups if the daughter moves out for work or study. But with the internet option, you can connect with each other through Skype or Facetime. It will you in making the communication easy and you can see each other as well.

Confide your secret in your mother:

Mothers are the best guides. You can speak your heart to them if the whole world has disgraced you, as you know it’s just the mother’s arms that can embrace whatever happens to her child. Try to make her your best friend. Go out with her, take her to the vacation. It will be an experience for her too, and she will also know the life of a teenager or adult children too. Being of a similar gender you can speak to her for your sexuality issues if you are facing any trouble from your husband speak to her about the same too. It will make your relationship with her better and she can be the best guide for you as well.

do-you-share-a-healthy-mother-daughter-relationshipHave a realistic and minimum expectation:

When I was a child, have studied somewhere that expectation can cause issues so try to accept others. When you were a child your mother can be one of the people who read for you till you went asleep. But s you have grown up in the years, she has also become old. Having unrealistic expectations from her can only break your heart. Try to make her life as comfortable as you can and instead of fulfilling your expectation, try to have a take on her.

Listen Carefully:

An active listener is one of the happiest people in the world. When your mother speaks, listen to her carefully so that she can let you know if she is not well or try to let you know her thoughts. Do not assume anything. Let her speak.

Visit your mother:

A mother daughter relationship is one of the best in the world as they share a very deep bond between them. Your mother cannot explain at the time her plight to you, especially when she is living alone. It’s your duty to speak to her occasionally and visit her often. Once you meet her up, she will cheer up and will definitely improve on her health issues too.

Imagine yourself in her shoes:

Before being judgmental for your mother first think of the difficult relationship and family issue she has been through to raise you well. Try to have a deep consideration of these thoughts first and if you are a daughter of a single mother than in all the cases she is your responsibility. As the life of a single mother in any country is not easy today too.

do-you-share-a-healthy-mother-daughter-relationshipLet her know your boundaries:

Many psychologist claims, that daughter miss the time spent with their mothers once they are gone. They regret as there was no communication due to misunderstandings between them. If there is something in your relationship that is bothering you. Or for example, whenever you visit your mother, she speaks of some people that you don’t like or criticize you often. Be frank with her and let her prior to your visit that this practice can be negative for their relationship.

Possessive nature of mothers:

Some mothers are quite possessive for their daughters, and they find others as a threat to their relationships. Others, in this case, maybe your step mother, mother-in-law, step sister, etc. Let her know the clarity of your relationship with them and let her know that no one can replace the bond she shares with you. It will console her and she will not see other relationships as a threat to her.

Do bring your children to spend time with their grandmother:

This practice on any Christmas Eve will definitely make your mother surprised and happy at the same time. As everyone wants to spend time with their grandchildren, but due to busy lives at times it becomes quite difficult. So, try to bring your children to your home, to share your childhood memories. And most importantly to spend time with a person who was the closest to one to you when you were a child. It will help you in making a bond with your mother and your children too.

This practice on any Christmas Eve will definitely make your mother surprised and happy at the same time. As everyone wants to spend time with their grandchildren, but due to busy lives at times it becomes quite difficult. So, try to bring your children to your home, to share your childhood memories. And most importantly to spend time with a person who was the closest to one to you when you were a child. It will help you in making a bond with your mother and your children too.

do-you-share-a-healthy-mother-daughter-relationshipMothers are the life providers. They change a small sperm entering into their body into a child. They nurture them to give them the best they have and allow them to grow as an individual in their lives. A daughter relationship with her mother is quite special the reason being, of course, the gender as they are from the same. They can share some of the common issues of the society with each other. As they understand each other the best.

When I speak about myself, am very close to my mother, we talk often everyday shares our griefs and try to cope up on our negative points. With the passing years, our bond has grown up with strong one as we give space to each other. We understand each other requirements, as only mothers love in the world comes without any conditions attached to them. Whenever am sad from the work load or any personal issue, I know one person will always be there to listen to me at any hour of the day and will calm and give me strength so that I can fight with the world.


And this is why I consider the mother daughter relationship as one of the best in the world. Your mother can be your strength and in the return of the same, she will not ask you for anything too. If you don’t share a healthy relationship with your mother then have a look at some of our suggestions mentioned above. It will surely help you in making your bond with your parents strong and will help you in growing as an individual too. So, do not look for the loopholes that were caused by any of you, try to fill the gap.

Having a healthy relationship with your mother will definitely affect your other relationships as well. As being a daughter your mother can share her own experiences with you and can warn you if you are going on a wrong path. It will not only help you in consoling yourself, but you will get an advice that is worth implementing. So, speak to your mother for your various life issues and she will be one of the best people to help you out.


The daughter has always been there mothers side once they grow up. As she can be her mate, her secret friend to share her fantasies with. Help yourself out by taking care of your mother as in this phase of life she needs to you more than anybody else. Visit her often, try to know if something deeper is bothering her or is she keeping well or not. If your mother has already lost her soul mate then she is one of your responsibility too, so try to make sure that she receives best medications in your attention. You can also speak to your spouse about your mother and you can jointly decide how you can make the bond strong.

The mother daughter relationship is strong but needs to be nurtured with time. So don’t lose your interest or confidence in one of the best friends i.e. your mother. Try to make and create the best relationship with her. And share all your happiness and griefs with her. She will definitely embrace you with all your negatives and positives. And this is who the mothers have been. So, don’t blame or criticize her for the past issues rather love her for who she is. And with the time once you grow up you will find the contribution she did in making you, who you are TODAY!!!


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