Elizabeth Taylor: An Unforgettable Actress of Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor: An Unforgettable Actress of Hollywood

An actress who mesmerized everyone with her violet eyes will always remain unforgettable in the history of Hollywood movies. Born on 1932, Feb 27, in London, Elizabeth Taylor, was identified at the age of ten for the screen shot of movies. She started her career in Hollywood with Universal Studios but unfortunately, that journey didn’t last long and was signed by MGM. And MGM gives her a big contract to sign and renewed for the years till she became an actress.


Elizabeth Taylor: An Unforgettable Actress in Hollywood

Early Life:

She made her debut as a child actor in 1942 through, There’s one born every minute. But she got her fame from National Velvet in 1944. And the movie was a smashing hit and earned more than 4million$. This was just a starting for her, and she started signing movies one after the other. And in 1960 became a proud owner of the coveted statue of Oscar for the movie Butterfield 8. Apart from her sizzling career, she was one of the actresses that were a highly paid one in Hollywood.

Movie name Cleopatra, in 1963, was one of the milestones in her career and made via one of the expensive productions She was proposed for the whopping salary of 1,000,000$, to play the leading role and which was way above from all the other stars. Undoubtedly she was a legendary actor and known for her magnificent eyes and personality.

Elizabeth Taylor: An Unforgettable Actress in Hollywood

Career and Personal Life

Her movie career was on the pace but on her personal front, she was always on a roller coaster ride. In her lifespan, she had 8 marriages in which only one resulted in widowhood. In her later years, she converted to the Judaism and was an active member in helping out AIDS sufferers. And in her 70s, she took the break from movies and seen as guest performers in TV shows only. On March 23, 2011, she took her last breath and her final resting place Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Glendale, California. The legends come and gone, but their memories are always left behind with their work. The Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered for her appearances which speak her talent and existence in Hollywood.



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