Home Remedies or Pimple Popper, which solution is appropriate in getting rid of Pimples effectively?

Home Remedies or Pimple Popper, which solution is appropriate in getting rid of Pimples effectively?

No one likes his or her face filled with Pimples. In the past, you must have listened from the girl’s perspective about the pimples. But now the men are also equally conscious about them. Although the skin of both the genders is different and that’s why the treatment too. The Pimple Popper is one of the tools that can help you in getting rid of the same in seconds. But it does have lots of advantages and disadvantages attached to them.

On the other hand, if you talk about the home remedies than you will find that they are quite effective in leaving your skin flawless. They do not have any kind of bad effects and do not cause any scars on your skin too. But the home remedies can also result in adverse effects on your skin can be sensitive to any ingredient. So before applying, try to know about the configuration in the solution. In this article, we will start with the home remedies first. There are many kinds of home remedies that can be of great help to you in getting rid of pimples:

Home Remedies for Pimples:

pimple on mens faceThe home remedies usually include only those ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen. They have been quite effective in the past in helping people naturally in getting rid of pimples and acne. They do not have any kind of side effects and can be used for your food stuff only. So, you don’t need to worry about searching and placing your orders from far-flung places. These are some of the effective ones that are tried and have the capability of giving your desired results Let’s have a look on some of them:


ice on pimpleThe cooling effect can help your pimples in a great way. It is kind of disinfectant which will improve the blood circulation in the affected area. And also will reduce the infection, oil accumulation and if you find any dirt around the pimples. Ice is usually available in all the households and you can use it in any form. Like if you have the crushed ice, then also the effect is quite similar. To apply ice you can hold the same in a cloth napkin and apply it on the affected area. Just hold on for a few seconds and then wait for a few minutes. Do repeat it again several times. This solution does not have any side effects. And irrespective of any skin or gender you can use it on your pimples.


papaya on pimpleIn all the cases fruits is one of your best friends. They don’t harm you and keeps you healthy. Papaya is very much useful for your skin. It contains an enzyme known as Popain, that helps your skin in inflammation. You can use any kind of Papaya a raw or ripe one, but if you need to choose then pick up the raw one only. The application is also quite easy, just mash the Papaya with raw hand and apply on the effective area. Once it dries, remove it through the circular motions on your skin with cold water. Apply moisturizer immediately on your skin.

Orange Peel:

orange peel for pimpleThe skin of the orange is very much helpful in pimples and in various skin problems. The orange peel is full of Vitamin C for you and has several astringent properties attached to. They are full of citric acid, and can be mixed with any face mask. To make orange peel you can dry the skin of the orange in the sun and can grind it in a mixture to form a powder. The powder paste can be used as a mask while mixing with water and you can also use it with other gram flour or any face pack. Dry your face for 20-25 minutes and then remove it with the water, apply a good moisturizer once your skin dries.


The steam is one of the best solutions is getting rid of any skin problem. It exfoliates the skin and helps you in getting rid of all the bacteria and infections that are trapped in your pores. There are flasks that are available in the market to help you out in taking the steam in your home. Otherwise, you can also ask any local salon to help you out with steam sessions.

Aloe Vera Gel:

The best quality of this solution is you can grow this plant in your homes too. The plant has lots of benefits to your skin. If you can’t grow, then you buy out the gel from your nearest store, it also serves well. It decreases swelling around the pimples and has anti-bacterial properties too. You can apply Aloe Vera in the morning on your face and can get rid of the stubborn pimples quickly.


People usual questions about this ingredient as it actively takes part in cooking. But how it can be helpful to your skin issues too. Garlic is a magical ingredient that has the antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant properties. The presence of Sulphur in Garlic helps in quick healing and improving the texture of your skin too. To apply Garlic you just need to cut the cloves of Garlic into two pieces. And rub it off on the pimple. Leave it like this for the next five minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. You can also apply it for several times in a day too.

Always use clean pillowcase:

pillowcase for pimples People look for treatments, but give very less attention to their pillowcases. As while sleeping your skin is in direct touch with your pillowcase you need to keep it clean. And wash it once a week. It will help you in curbing the infection and your face will not get in touch with any bacteria while you sleep.

Pimple should not be touch repeatedly:dont touch pimples

Some people have a bad habit of touching the pimples repeatedly and see them in the mirror for their status. Touching the pimples repeatedly accelerate the chances of bacteria and infection to the other parts of the body too. So, make sure that you never touch them without applying sanitizer on your hands.

Pimple Popper

The presence of pimples on your face is enough to cause irritation for you at times. Once you need to go to a party or for a presentation at your workplace. The pimples are enough in getting you a bad impression. Truthfully, nobody wants to look at a face that is full of ugly pimples. As a quick solution, a pimple popper can help you out in seconds. But as it has advantages attached there is another side of the coin too. You need to be very much careful while popping up your pimples. As there are many issues attached that we will discuss below:

Advantages of using Pimple Popper:

  • Sometimes when a Pimple ripens you will find that there is a white spot on its top. Before popping the pimple take care that should be there. Once it is confirmed that your pimple has ripened, then pop up with the tool so that the bump of the same gets down.
  • Before using the pimple popper do take care of various hygienic steps like do make use of disinfectant on the tool and your hands. Do apply the same on the skin around a pimple too.
  • Usage of your stubby fingers for the popping up pimple can cause you a lot of pain and is quite inaccurate too. While pimple popper can cause similar effects in seconds and the surrounding skin also face less damage too.
  • Pimple Popper usage should be carried out in a proper way to leave no scars.
  • Dermatologists also confirm their usage once done that doesn’t leave any scars

Disadvantages of using a Pimple Popper:


  • You need to be very much particular about the hygiene factor of the tools and hands. If you do not take care of them, then it can leave your pimple with risen infection too. Dirty tools or finger can push the infection deep into the pores. Usage of disinfectant is quite necessary before you apply anything on your pimples.
  • Sometimes when you go to a salon the experts use various tools and try hard on pimples too. At that point of time, you should instruct them to stay away from the infected area. As the tools are already the used one. If possible, ask them to apply the sanitizer before reaching out the skin nearby to your pimple.
  • If you are using the pimple popper then we will like to tell you that injuring your skin in any way is not good. So try to use as much as less as possible. You can also speak to the dermatologist to help you out in the proper way.

How to use Pimple Popper in the right way:

Using Pimple Popper in a correct way is very important, below are the steps that will guide you about the usability of the tool:

Clean your face and hands:

clean hands

You can steam your face before popping the pimple it will help you in removing the clogging easily. Do use the sanitizer on your hands before popping your pimple.
Tools should be sterilized: The needle of your tool which you are looking forward to popping up your pimple should be passed through the flame. Once sterilize the tool, then you can dry it and apply alcohol before usage.

Pimple also needs to be sterilized:


A pimple and the surrounding area should be sterilized before you apply popper on it. Do apply alcohol on Pimple and nearby skin to pop them up.

Give Pressure to Pimple:

Always give pressure the across the pimple. So that white part of the pimple oozes out. Never pressurize in the downward direction as it will make the infection pierce downwards.
Pus should be released and apply a skin friendly lotion: White part of the pimple is dead tissue there will be no pain through. After pressure you can make a minor tear across the pimple to release the pus. Clean off the place with the any antiseptic so that it should not infect the nearby areas and apply lotion in the same too.

Beauty Product:smiling healthy face

There are many beauty products that are available in the market to cover up the pimple. Apply the one that suits your skin. It will help in healing your skin at a faster pace.

Pimples are undoubtedly being one of the worst things that can happen on anyone face. These remedies and ours popping up procedure will be of great help to you if you use them in a proper way. The pimples can happen on any of your body parts usually they are seen in the upper part of your body only. So, if you are looking forward to get rid of them in a permanent way. Then do take a healthy diet. Try to introduce green leafy vegetables as much as you can in your diet.

Fast and oily food should be avoided and you must try to have fruits in the morning and evenings too. Teenagers face the issues of pimple a lot nowadays it is because of their hormonal changes which are quite common and happen to every next person. Try to make your diet as much organic as you can so that you will receive the nutrients and do apply a good moisturizer before you sleep.


Clean your face when you come home from the office or college and do not allow any dirt to sit on your face. You can also cover your face while you move out or in sun. As these days pollution is also affecting the skin. The face is a mirror of your personality, taking proper care and being natural is the only way to help yourse0lf nowadays. Go green and natural by consuming super foods in all the ways you can.

Make your skin flawless and look younger of your age. Say No to pimples and yes to a healthy diet.


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