How to Beat Procrastination to Chase your Dreams?

How to Beat Procrastination to Chase your Dreams?

Do you have dreams to conquer or do you know what is stopping you?

Once I use to be quite an active child but my dreams were far from me. As I came near them the procrastination habit of mine didn’t let me complete anything on time. I started delaying things, get tired from work, lack self-motivation etc. But soon I realize that am running out of time, the day of my dreams coming true is Today only. I need to strategize my work, for my future happiness and how can I convert my thinking to paychecks. Dreams can make you passionate but your actions taken at the right time only can make them true. So, stop Procrastination and march towards your dreams. Rightly said by ” Victor Kiam ”

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin”

Do it today

Procrastination is undoubtedly is one of the biggest enemies of the people today. We keep on delaying work unless it forms a heap. Then we start feeling that the pain is unbearable. Some people are very much fond of procrastination and they boast in parties about their daily habits. It’s COOL at times but think if you cannot fulfill your commitment to the people you love. Think about the projects that you took but didn’t deliver on time. Think About IT!!!

If you are afraid of failing, it is understood. But do not put off your work when it needs to be completed. Timelines are very important it keeps you motivated and disciplined. Once you see a dream in your childhood or while growing as a teenager it needs to be accomplished by you. Try to make it to them in fragments as it will keep you charged throughout the journey.

Do it today only

So, forget the procrastination and start working on yourself today. Have a self-control, plan effectively, make smaller milestones for you. Be charged and spread the energy don’t let any factor beat you unless you reach wherever you aspire for.


  • Rightly said ,being sticked towards your goal been lacking these days specialy among youth hence a good boost up through this lesson .

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