Every woman should know about how to keep their vagina healthy. The vagina has some natural capabilities like it is naturally lubricated, and have an acidic pH too, well it depends on the age of women to how she wants to keep her vagina. It is already been proved by many health care professionals that vagina releases a tablespoon of discharge every day. And it is quite normal, but there are many who are not aware of the same fact too. Let’s know more about How to keep your vagina healthy?

How to keep your vagina healthy?

Do not douche while keeping Vaginal pH balance:

Douching at the time can disrupt the pH balance of your vagina. While the balance should be between 3.8 to 4.5 and douching on a regular basis can disrupt your vaginal bacterial makeup. And it will set the stage for various bacterial infections for you. If your vagina has an unpleasant odor so you need to see a gynecologist as douching will not able to cure the problem of the roots. And do read about the soaps that you are using while bathing or cleaning your vaginal regions as it can leave bad effects on your organs at the same time too.

 Practice healthy sex to keep a distance from the germs:

How to keep your vagina healthy?


Condom usage undoubtedly protects both the partners from various STDs, i.e. Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Genital Herpes, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and Genital Warts. Some of these diseases are quite harmful like Genital Herpes and HIV, as they do not have any cure. It is also suggested to change condoms while you make a switch from vaginal to oral sex. It will prevent the various harmful bacteria to enter your mouth or vagina. And if you’re fond of sex toys to avoid sharing them with your partner.

Keep your Vagina Dry:

The vagina should always be dry and clean and do take care about your wearing fabric as you must avoid tight fitting clothes that create moist conditions around vagina which in the other sense gave rise to the yeast. Avoid thongs and wear only breathable cotton underwear. If you have confronted yeast infections in the past, then get rid of your wet swimsuits or your sweaty workout clothes as soon as possible.

Maintain a nutritious diet for vaginal health:

Drinking lots of water are important for the reproductive and vaginal health. There are certain foods that can keep your vaginal health like yogurt can protect you from various yeast infections. And you need to take extra precautions if you have been the victim of urinary tract infections.

Don’t use petroleum jelly rather applies Lubricant:


How to keep your vagina healthy?

Some women do take the issue in a wrong way while lubricant is one of the important parts of the intercourse. Without the same, the vagina and labia can become chafed and irritated. Natural release of lubrication while having sex is obvious, but some do not produce enough. So to have pleasure you need to apply lubricant to your vagina.

Do feel free to reach your gynecologist so that she can help you out with the vaginal issues. Don’t be shy, share your issues with the elders so that you can keep your vagina healthy.




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