I Work Best Under Pressure, Do You?

I Work Best Under Pressure, Do You?

Yes, I do work best under pressure!!!

And this is a bitter truth of my life or for the people who are around me or us. We love working, but working under pressure is something we chase for every day. We have project deadlines, Bills submission deadlines, Medical test deadlines and but our procrastination don’t have any deadlines.

Procrastination can be Really Bad if you Ignore the importance of discipline in your life!

work best under pressure

I guess this is true with most of all. But I do try to repair the same with time and introduce discipline in my life. But believe me, it is hard to spend half of your life in procrastination. And then one sudden day tries to discipline everything but there is no other option left.

Most of us boast about these habits and claim that we work best under pressure. But if do not work in the timeline we will lose it and there can be serious repercussions of the same. So anyhow, we need to work best under pressure. It is a compulsion at times.

work best under pressure

When there is enough time for completion, we sit and relax and as the deadline started reaching we run to meet our targets. But does this deliver quality or the same gets affected? Yes, there can be issues with the quality at times. Because when our research time is gone, we do look for the one that has already been delivered.

Most of the times we submit the copied things from others. So making yourself more disciplined is the only key. Working under pressure teaches you many things unless your creativity and free mind thinking aren’t getting hammered.

It is best to make a schedule at the time. But following the same is also important. And if you can, then you do not need to face any adrenaline rush. So do look for chasing your deadlines, but make enough room for creativity so that you can deliver AWESOME results!!


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