This topic is a controversial one as people love to judge others!!!

Judging others can be harmful to your own health as for the time you will forget to think about yourself as you start giving more time to others. So, try to have a look at yourself first and then go forward.

Judgemental attitude and Women

These two have a lot of correlation between each other, as people really love to judge the women around various grounds, like sometimes on her looks, skills, and even on education too.

But Is it a good practice to continue!!!

As when it comes to the Men a small section of society does judge on the part of their earning capability, while for others there are no rules attached.

On the other hand, a woman needs to pass lots of exams to show that they are a perfect material for the marriage. And most of the women parents say this is how a society works in our world. But when it comes to them for their sons it seems to them that those incidents are almost forgotten and they look for a good deal for their son


A girl is like others she is like everybody in this society and shattering her dreams on the name of the same is not worth it. At times they are helpless, flawless they do not know where to head to, as they surface a lot of dignity issues from their parents. It is 2017, and now the girls are getting some of the opportunities outside so they should look for giving all these thinking a kick, and prove themselves that they are like a son only.

The world is for everyone and is filled with opportunities, so if you are seeking it or passionate about it, don’t step back as you are a girl, mother, sister or anybody as above everything you are a human being. And you should respect it first, then only else will take care. Do say you are tired, hurt and make sure your voice is heard. And we are sure that you will be able to make a difference to your life going forward.


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