Kick Off Domestic Violence From Your Society Today

Kick Off Domestic Violence From Your Society Today

Lot of times I see my maid having bruises at her head and hand. But was reluctant to ask, once I couldn’t able to restrain myself and spoken to her regarding these scars. The answer was violence at home. Her in-laws at times beat her and doubt her character as she goes out to work in different houses.

But is this issue is related only to the poor?

If you think so, then you must give attention to the famous divorce case of Karisma Kapoor and her husband Sanjay Kapoor. The actress files a case against her husband and mother in law for mental harassment. And this proves it is not that money matters, domestic violence can happen to anyone educated, non-educated, rich, poor, old, young, etc.

trying to silent the womenIf you consider the statistics the data for domestic violence is quite disheartening. In just a span of last 4 months in Uttar Pradesh (India) around 1.24lakh cases of domestic violence are reported. That means around 957 cases every day.

Helping each other out is the only key in today’s scenario. Your small move can help someone nearby and you can save anyone’s life too. Here are the few steps that can guide you:

Do listen carefully:

domestic violence at homeIf somebody confides in you about the issues that she is going through at home. Do listen to it carefully without judging and ask them how you can be of any help in stopping these actions.

Ignorance is the main reason:

Once any issue becomes severe and the police intervene, the neighborhood has always claimed the ignorance. They listen, but they ignored the symptoms thinking about their privacy. But as a neighbor, if you call up the authorities, you can save a life at times too.

Interrogate the signs:

scared of domestic violenceYou can be the victim of the domestic violence too. It’s not necessary that people living you are beating you to claim the violence. If you are going through mental harassment too, then also it is a sign of domestic violence. The signs can be any like your partner can be jealous of you, can embarrass you at times, try to control your financial decisions, may ask to leave your job, etc. Try to be as insightful about these issues and if they get severe do seek help.

Bring Awareness around:

scared of domestic violenceGet involved with a local domestic violence organization and try to seek help to others. A small move can help your neighbors in getting an alert at times. And if the women in your society know their rights, then definitely they will not face such issues too.

These are some steps that you can take to stop domestic violence in your homes and in your neighborhood too. Be aware and do not let the innocents around you face any domestic violence at any cost.



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