Once people look for judging others, they usually use the quote ” We are not like them”. And as per them whatever the other people do is not ethical or not as per their moral standards. I have also confronted people backing themselves by saying ” We are a good family with values”. So does the others are not better than you. And they impose these things on their moral standards. If you do not like others, it’s not their problem at all.


There are people who still live in these values. They do admire others and wants to be like them. But they do lack the revolution from inside that they will be able to back up their actions. So they want to be at a low profile. Being yourself is not bad at all. We decide our moral standards and have the authority for the same too. But we can’t put our claim on others. If you are a party lover then you will promote the cause and the people who like to sleep early or do not enjoy gatherings will see you as a virus to their families.

There are pros and cons of every action. So, try to concentrate on your action rather than looking down on others. As at every point of time you are also being analyzed. Why waste your energy on others, try to conserve it and use in your actions. I have met lots of people in our counseling sessions and found interesting things about others. I saw middle-class people cribbing for the bad habits of richies. But on their back, they want to be exactly like them. It’s just they can’t afford them now.

Be like you, look for being a better person and definitely, you will recognize your path. Speaking on people’s back or talking about what they are doing is a bad habit. Try to limit your moral standards with you only. Admire others, but don’t judge them on the part.



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