When you’re trying to lose stomach fat there are a few popular techniques you can use. Some people think that by eating less they are going to lose weight in their midsection, but this is not always the case. There are many individuals that have chosen diets such as the South Beach Diet or the HCG diet, which can even be considered as “dangerous tactics” to losing weight. When your body isn’t given enough calories to use, it holds on to your excess body fat. If you think of it this way: when winter comes and the animals in the forest need to hibernate, they will typically load up on as much healthy food as they can so they don’t starve.

Compared to animals, most people in the world eat excess amounts of food which is why so many people these days are overweight. Losing stomach fat is only a part of becoming healthy. When you don’t give your body enough nutrients it goes into “starvation mode” and holds on to your body fat because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get more nutrients. When people lose tons of weight with these famous diets, they’re actually losing muscle mass, not fat. It is important to remember that these diets are not healthy and that it is recommended to not lose more than 2 pounds of body weight a week. Anything above that is considered unhealthy.

Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat

With that said, we’re going to discuss some healthy ways to help lose stomach fat. Did you know that vegetables are under-rated? Many people do not get enough nutrients into their bodies. They fill themselves up with processed foods only resulting in weight gain. Have you eat seen a fat vegetarian? Not likely. When people consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables daily, their body burns up those calories, gives them more energy, and they find themselves burning off more fat than those that eat fast food and unhealthy. Another way to lose that unwanted body fat is to drink more water.

People in our society think that drinking soda, alcohol, and other various power drinks help them stay hydrated. Well, they are wrong. Drinking more water every day will help with fat loss. Water carries nutrients throughout your body to help give you more energy and a faster metabolism. Not only will your skin start looking more hydrated, but the inside of your body will be healthier.


Another way to lose stomach fat is to stay self-motivated. You cannot reach any of your goals if you lose sight of what you’re striving for in this life. It is also important to get at least eight hours of good sleep. Your body needs sleep to recover from the past day’s experiences and with this sleep comes fat loss. You don’t always look a lot of fat during the night because while you sleep your body is in “starvation mode.” As mentioned above, your body will hold onto your fat stores which will help keep your body insulated and warm. The ideal time to lose stomach fat is in the morning, after you’ve fasted without food or water for 8 hours. Many professionals recommend to work out immediately upon getting up in the morning because anything you burn of cardio will be fat.

I Work out…Why Can’t I Lose Stomach Fat?

How to loose all your stomach fat?

For some people it is very hard to lose stomach fat. They might be exercised consistently, but for some reason that stubborn fat won’t go away. A few things that might be hindering their chances of losing belly fat might include. But are not limited to the amount of sleep they get each night, and their genetics. Although it might seem like they cannot lose stomach fat, there are many ways (as listed above) to do so.

These tips if practiced consistently will definitely help you in getting rid of excessive stomach fat.


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