Menstrual Leave for women at workplace

Menstrual Leave for women at workplace

Menstrual Leave is one of the talked issues in all the countries in the world today. As now the women are more vocal about it. And it is gaining a lot of sentiment all over the countries. Menstruation is a normal issue with the girls that come every month leaving them helpless. It is stated by many girls that it is as painful as a heart attack at times. But if the menstrual leaves are implemented don’t you think that the chances of women to be hired in any company can be less. As they will be losing 2 to 3 paid days of work in a month.

Menstrual leave in Countries

Menstrual leave has already been implemented and practiced by many developed countries like Japan, China, South Korea, etc. Soon Italy will also be a part of it too. As there are only a few offices that have all the amenities of hygiene and availability of pads in their washrooms. At times it becomes difficult for women to spend time in the office on any odd day of a period. These issues should be fixed with the HR policies that women employees can take a voluntary leave if they are going through the period. As spending time in your fetal position with the hot bags will be comfortable for them than sitting in a chair and spending unproductive hours.

In some of the countries, this concept hasn’t marked its presence yet. As most of the women are still unaware about the same. There should be a consensus among the government as the biological women are very different from man. The Menstrual cycle for any women takes 4 to 7 days to end. And the rest in first 2 to 3 days will definitely boost their confidence and productivity. The washrooms in all the offices which are providing employment for the women should have sanitary napkins and hygienic disposable facilities. And they should be maintained by allotting them a special budget. Employing women’s at work has been a productive step towards the future. And you can look forward to maintaining the same by keeping their interest invested.


  • There should be and eligibility criteria for companies who hire women and a rating agencies should concurrently check with relevant facilities given by the companies to women during there menstrual time. Nice Blog Garima appreciate your approach.

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