Priyanka Chopra is a public figure today. Not only she made a big name in Bollywood. But she is also recognized across the globe for her amazing performances. In her career, she did approximately 50 movies in Bollywood. And recently she has been in the news for her breakthrough role in American TV show the “Quantico”. Let’s have Priyanka Chopra Biography at a glance below:

Early Life and Family:


Priyanka Chopra with her family

Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July 1982. Both of her parents are doctors and have a younger brother as a sibling. She started her education at a school in Lucknow, known as La Martinere. She was a resident at that point of time in school. Her father was in the army. And due to the linkage, they keep on relocating all around the country. She said in one of her interviews that she enjoyed changing schools, environment and travelling around at intervals.

At the age of thirteen, she went to the United States living with her aunt. She faced lots of issues of racism in schools in Massachusetts. And confesses that she was a gawky kid, belonging to a middle-class family and have a very low esteem. She use to have white patches on her legs, but no wonder her legs now sell 12 brands. For her high schools, she came to Bareilly to complete her schooling. And started studying St. Maria Goretti school, where she got a break from winning May Queen Title.

Priyanka Chopra with her parents
Priyanka Chopra with her parents

She was doing her 12th when her mother sent her photographs for Miss India Pageant. Getting a call was like a dream come true for her. She enrolled herself in Jai Hind College in Mumbai for her Graduation. But she drops out for her Miss India World Pageant in 2000. She was one of the five ladies of India who reached the Miss World stage and won it. Winning of Miss India World is followed by instant success and getting offers from across the industries.

Priyanka Chopra Miss India
Priyanka Chopra Miss India

Priyanka Chopra has strong ties with her family. She was very much close to her father who died in 2013. In 2012 she tattooed herself in his handwriting as “Daddy’s lil girl”. She considers herself as a self-made person as she paved her ways in the film industry on her own.

Bollywood Debut:

She started a career from Thamizaan and in the same year she was also seen in Jeet: Born to Win. But both of the movies couldn’t able to make any impact on the Bollywood Box Office. She was just 20 years old and we are talking about the year of 2002.

Glamorous Priyanka Chopra

In 2003 she was seen in the Hero: Love Story of a Spy, but she got success from Andaz released in the same year. And then the series of movies started and get released one after the other. In 2004 she has Plan, Aitrazz, Asambhav, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Kismat. But most of this movie did not able to perform on the Bollywood. But she got recognized in one of the romantic comedy known as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

Her role in Kaminey as a Marathi lady is very much remembered by the critics. As people saw someone beside glamour too. The movie did very well at the box office by earning 710millions. In 2011 “7 Khoon Maaf” one of the black comedy done by her. In which she kills her seven husbands in her quest for love is also considered as one of the unconventional roles she played on screen. Lots of critics praised for the variety she is bringing to the table and which will definitely bring a revolutionary era in Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra in Fashion

Every year she was doing movies and got success. But in her career, the milestone roles that she did was in Fashion in 2008, Mary Kom in 2014 and What’s your Rashee in 2009. She got the global limelight from Mary Kom as well. As the movie was premiered on the opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival. She is praised for her glamorous performances and the kind of role she plays in them.

According to the critics, she makes the silver screen live. Whether she is playing a small town or a village girl or a model. She is in her best shoes and very much comfortable in leading different roles.

Priyanka Chopra and Philanthropy:

Priyanka Chopra and Philanthropy

Apart from her acting career, Priyanka Chopra, she is quite active in her Philanthropic work as well. She has worked with UNICEF for almost ten years and was appointed by them as a Global and National Goodwill Ambassador in 2016 and 2010. All these years she has been promoting many causes education, health, women’s rights. She is specifically said to emphasis on feminism and gender equality.

Priyanka Chopra and Philnthropy

In all her works with the various organizations, she raised issues related to women. She has been one of the brand ambassadors of NDTV Greenathan, an initiative of eco-friendliness. The cause has played a major role in provoking people to go green and bringing the electricity in rural areas. She adopted a tigress in 2012 and a lioness in 2011 from the Birsa biological park and paid them for the upkeep of the animals for a year.

She donated 5million$ to the Nanavati Hospital for building a cancer ward in their premises. The cancer ward is named after her father and was built in the same year of his death. In 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi selected Priyanka Chopra as one of the nine nominees for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. She participated in the program and give her support in cleaning a garbage laden neighborhood in Mumbai and requested the citizens to follow cleanliness.


Column Writing:

Priyanka Chopra with her fans


Most of the actors do not opt for this option. In 2009, Priyanka Chopra started writing the “The Priyanka Chopra Column” for Hindustan Times. In her writings, he focused on various issues about her opinions. She emphasized on women and the behaviors society for them. And relates real life incidents and tries to do a ground work before writing to leave an impression in the mind of readers. She looks for bringing awareness to the women so that they can have a bright future. And have also committed that the column has been a wonderful opportunity for her expression.


Priyanka-Chopra with Narendra Modi

In 2014 she wrote an article in “The Guardian” which emphasized on child marriage and female genital mutilation. She stated in the article how the early marriages destroy the childhood and how you can able to get rid of the same in your society. She believes that even a single action can make a difference. And tries her efforts wherever she can help out others. She also wrote an op-ed in “The New York Times” an article about “What Jane Austen Knew” and she stated the importance of girl’s education. From all efforts may be she is writing for any magazine and newspaper she has put up her thoughts for the well being of the society. She keeps on hammering on the grassroots levels so that the life of women and children be better in coming time.

Priyanka Chopra has been one of the famous environmentalists too. She went to many functions and try to engage herself keeping the environment clean and eco-friendly too.


Priyanka Chopra in Bluffmaster

Priyanka Chopra Biography is incomplete if we didn’t mention about her music albums. After the acting in the great movies, Priyanka Chopra has started her career in singing too. According to her, she has received her great voice from his father who was also very much fond of singing like her. She also got many offers in the Bollywood while working in movies. But in 2012 she received one which she couldn’t deny. And by accepting the same she became the first Bollywood actress signed with Creative Artists Agency, the sports and entertainment agencies based in the United States.

During her travel to the United States, she collaborated with Matthew Koma, Jay Sean and Sam Watters. And she released her first single known as “In the City” in the year 2012. During the first week in India, around 130,000 copies were sold. While in the United States the response was mixed. And then she received one of her first international awards called as People’s Choice Awards India for her debut in the music.

Priyanka Chopra singing

In 2013 she released her second single known as “Exotic” with American rapper Pitbull. The song was praised by everyone and have topped the list of various Chartbusters. Her single was at number 16 in Electronic Songs /Billboard Dance and at number 11 on Electronic Digital Songs/Dance. She started as a playback singer with the title track in Mary Kom named as “Chaoro”. And sang the title track of Dil Dhadkne Do with Farhan Akhtar.

Her journey in music has been wonderful so far and she hopes to a create milestone in this field too. We hope she will keep on doing good work and the industry praises her for the hard work she is putting in.


She has been one of the people who have received recognition due to the various unconventional roles she played in the industry. For her, movie Barfi, she played the role of Jhilmil Chatterjee. She acted like an autistic woman who falls in love with a deaf man. The movie was one of the best commercial success and have received reviews across the world. People embraced her for acting. And some of the experts have even come upon with the comments like they forgot Priyanka while watching the film and just remembered Jhilmil. While preparing for the movie she went through a lot of mental institutions to check out the plight of such patients.

Priyanka Chopra Biography
Priyanka Chopra

Be it her role in Gunday which was opposite to two famous actors or her single heroine role in Mary Kom. She did justice to every play and have been receiving the best reviews for her acting skills. She undoubtedly travelled a great journey for all these five years. And considers herself as a hard working lady. And she depicts it in her movies. The audience can very well compare the Priyanka Chopra of Andaz to Mary Kom today. But this is what the life is, you need to improve every moment of your life. Otherwise, you will stay behind in every sphere. Keep Growing!!


Priyanka Chopra Biography

Often Media says about Priyanka Chopra as one of the talented actresses who have a huge demand in today’s era. She is widely known for experimenting her roles around the movies. She has been one of the best in portraying according to the characters she has signed. Undoubtedly she looks beautiful and has potential to lead a movie single handily. One CNN-IBM rightly describes her as “As one of the most powerful actresses in the current lot and someone who doesn’t shy away from experimenting with roles within the realms of popular cinema”.

She is widely known for her professionalism in the industry. And her colleagues usually call her by her nickname known as “Piggy Chops”. She is one of the highly paid actresses in Bollywood and who is one of the style icons and known for her exotic looks.

Priyanka Chopra Biography

In the comes a time, the audience will see her in more roles that are biopic like she is playing a character of Kalpana Chawla in her coming movies. And in Bhansali’s movie, you will see her playing the role of famous writer Amrita Pritam. Her career is promising in the future and as she is into singing nowadays, so you never know if she competes for the famous singers of Hollywood today. But one thing is certain that Priyanka Chopra has made her marks on the sands of time and she will be remembered as one of the multi talented people in the world.

Priyanka Chopra Biography

She has a huge fan following on various social networking websites. Although Priyanka Chopra considers herself a reserved person, yes, she comes out of her shell often and speaks about her experiences. She is a motivation for everyone as there is no alternative to hard work. If you want to get anything you need to be someone who is deserving. She is on top of the industry as she has made herself the one. So do strive hard to make your dreams come true. And motivate yourself in a daily routine to grow each day of your life.


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