Women’s likes red and that is quite obvious, if we go by religion, in Hindus, it is considered as one of the pious colors to wear on several occasions of marriage ceremonies. In other religions as well the shades of Red is considered very much interesting for the women.

Women in Red

Men can also wear red color at various places

But Red is one of the versatile colors that looks equally good on Men too, but due to the women endorsing it so much, and the definition of red has become feminine. But here we state that it is the quality of red color that whoever wears it, looks fabulous in it. The Red looks equally good on men as well, with the changing trends men had started wearing the shirts, trousers and even jackets, but a major portion of men is still reluctant to wear the same as due to their traditional thinking, about Red is for women and Blue is for men.

Men in Red

Colors are same for everyone; you should look forward to wearing all of them depending upon the occasions you are attending to. When Superman can wear Red underpants, why not the other men out can wear red at various occasions. Men can also try out red at various occasions, parties etc, Red is a universal color and looks good on everyone, whether you are a man or women.

Colors are not gender biased, so we should not be discriminating them on the basis of their touch and looks. It depends on the personality of the person that a color will be able to suit them or not. Do try all colors on you and try to experiment as much as possible with them as you never know the color you are not wearing from years will be yours.

So, separate the colors from genders and allows everyone to have their own expression!!!


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