Rihana is one of the pop singers who top the chartbusters from her first Album. But her third album ” Good Girl Gone Bad” was a milestone in her career. As after this album she left the cocoon of a cute pop singer. And adopting an image of the sex symbol and of course a superstar.


Early Life:

Rihana born on 20 Febuarary 1988 in Barbados is from a broken home. In her childhood days, she struggled with crippling headaches. But fears to tell anyone, as she thinks they will consider her abnormal. Eldest in all the siblings she found music as an escape route from all her issues and thought of coming to the United States.


Evan Roger, a famous music producer visited the Barbados in search of a singer. She at the age of 15 years met Evan Roger for an audition. He was convinced and mesmerized by the beautiful, young and talented lady. And ask her to move to the United States with them. Rihana knows that it was a golden opportunity and she needs to encash it.

She entered the music industry and started her work with recording demo tapes. In 2005 she cleared the audition and signed the contract with Def Jam Records and legendary rapper Jay-Z. And the journey for hitting the chartbusters started. Her first two albums, Music of the Sun and A Girl like me charted top 10 of the US Billboards.

Rewards and Recognition:

She reinvented her music from ” Good Girl Gone Bad”. And after winning her first Grammy award for the best Rap she established herself as one of the best pop singers. But the journey didn’t stop here. Her music sales exceed 230 million records worldwide. She is one of the solo and the youngest artist to win fourteen number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. Today she is the winner of 8 Grammy awards, twelve American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards and still counting. She is one of the innovators, who doesn’t stay on a single style. Rather, she believes in reinventing herself with every passing hour. She does what she likes to do. And it had turned out to be best for her as well.

Her story proves one of the famous sayings ” Where there is a will, there is a way”.



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