Sensitivity, A Key To The Door Of Every Girl’s Heart, Unlock It Today!!!!!

Sensitivity, A Key To The Door Of Every Girl’s Heart, Unlock It Today!!!!!

Many men have often wondered what the true keys to a woman’s heart are. So many men have tried caressing the minds of women with gifts and loads of affection only to face heartbreak in times of crises. The aftermath of these is that most men term women to be highly unreliable, willing to do only the will of the highest bidder. While this may be true with a few women, for the vast majority of women nothing can be further from the truth.

Why do men unconsciously feel that a woman can always be bought, if the price is appealing enough? Why do most men forever insinuate that they can always manipulate their way to the hearts of women?

Male vanity, egocentricity, or may be old fashioned chauvinism. One thing’s for sure anyway, there exists only one door to a woman’s heart and only one key to that door. It’s nothing other than sensitivity.

Before you begin to ponder what sensitivity is, and what it’s not, go through the next sentence. Sensitivity is knowing what promotes pleasure. And doing everything to ensure that it continues for as long as possible. That’s the first part. The second part is knowing what causes pain, anger, fear and other forms of negative emotions. And doing everything to steer clear of such as much as possible.

There’s no need for so many translations, no need for Greek, Russian or Italian. It’s there in one sentence. Simple and concise. But even in its simplicity, it has been the most misconstrued issue when it comes to sex, love, and relationships.

kissing togtehrWhat does sensitivity do to a woman?

The number one most important thing sensitivity does to a woman is that it opens her up. Most women would rather prefer to be loved and worshiped than experience multiple orgasms. Most women would gladly unleash their reserves of passion and affection if only they can be administered daily doses of genuine concern. Even in our fast paced, ego-driven world, the psycho-emotional needs of all humans, women inclusive have not substantially changed. Women want to be gently invaded. They want partners who would slowly, gradually and passionately seek them out. Only sensitive men can achieve this feat. While of course women do not always enjoy playing hard to get, persistence virtually guarantees you permanent results with most women.

couple discusing together

Nowhere is sensitivity so crucial in a relationship like in the arena of sex. The female sexual psychology is so complex that only an extremely sensitive lover can always get the best out of every encounter. If there exist any shortcuts in the game of sex, sensitivity must be that route. Sensitivity enables passion to be built up more rapidly. It enables lovers to passionately understand what brings maximum pleasure as well as what constitute turn offs and no-go areas. Indeed most problems in relationships can be narrowed down to one cause: insensitivity. If only men could be more sensitive to their women, they would never need to patronize brothels and sex hawkers.


loving each otherSensitivity also heightens intimacy. If you can remember a woman’s birthday, you’ll be her best friend. If you can send her flowers and give her an ultra-romantic treat, she would gladly surrender herself to you. Many men after a short while finding themselves estranged from their partners and wonder what happened. It didn’t happen overnight. Little drops of insensitivity slowly accumulated to form large raging oceans of doubt, fear, insecurity, and resentment.

It is possible to have a healthy, blissful relationship. Learn the rules of sensitivity, then sit back and watch your woman give her all to you.



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