Morning Sickness is quite common in pregnancy. It can be caused by the increasing level of the hormone known as HCG. The HCG is also known as pregnancy hormone and its frequency peaks at the morning time. Rising levels of progesterone and estrogen levels will relax your muscles of digestion. And this phenomenon makes the digestion less effective for the women. If you skip meals during pregnancy then you are more prone to the nauseous and empty stomach feeling as well.

Various Causes of Morning Sickness:


Various Causes of Morning Sickness During Pregnancy


Every woman does face different symptoms for daily morning sickness. Some of the brain does have a nausea command post which can be more sensitive than others. It means that their hormones are more sensitive as compared to others for the pregnancy queasiness. If you do have quite a sensitive stomach then you can be one of the people that is more sensitive towards vomiting and severe nausea. If this is the case with your brain too, and you haven’t experienced any morning queasiness yet then be ready for the same.


Mental or Physical Fatigue can also escalate the various symptoms of morning sickness and vice-versa is also true like morning sickness can also cause fatigue.

Hormone Levels:

Various Causes of Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

There can be an increase in hormones if you are carrying multiples in your womb and can cause morning sickness too. But if the hormone secretion is lower than it can minimize the effect of morning sickness too.


Emotional stress can trigger gastrointestinal disorders. You can very well understand the symptoms of morning symptoms that can be caused due to stress. Do keep your head cool and avoid any stress during pregnancy.


Various Causes of Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Lots of women are seen with morning sickness that has been transfused by your mother.

First-Time Pregnancy Status:

Morning sickness is very common during the first pregnancy. During the first pregnancy, women are not prepared for the secretion of various hormones and the other changes that you will experience while going through the phase. If you see emotional front for the first times than they can be distracted by various issues caused by their anxieties and their fears. Once they become experienced than a lot of attention given to the older children and the phase also doesn’t seem to be quite heavy.




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