Various Signs Of Aging Skin

Various Signs Of Aging Skin

Lots of people complain about the aging of their skin. The skin aging appears due to the age and at the time the sun exposure is also enough to add lines and dryness to the skin. Some of the effects can be diminished by regular usage of any cream, but you need to know about which one to go for. There are many Signs Of Aging Skin  and Let’s talk about the effects and its causes:

Aging Skin Effects and Causes

The Skin aging does not depend upon a single cause rather than there are many causes for the same. Some of them are:

Various Signs Of Aging Skin

Sun Rays:

If you are discussing a skin of women then you need to consider various issues. Like if you check her face skin you can compare the same with dryness, wrinkles and age spots. But if you check the skin under her arms, then you can definitely find out clear and smooth. The difference is just because of sun exposure.

The Lighter your skin complexion is, the harder the effects of sun rays will be. The effect is also known by the name of photodamage and is primarily caused due to the ultraviolet radiation. If you check out deeply then you will find even a small amount or quantum of sun exposure can result in darkening and deteriorating your skin. Let’s have a look at some of the symptoms:

Various Signs Of Aging Skin

Age Spots:

They are also known as Liver spots or solar lentigines. They are the dark patches that are caused by the sun damage. These age spots are quite common with the women in lighter complexion and are often bigger than freckles.

Dry scaly Patches and leathery Texture:

Aging skin does not said to retain the texture. The loss of excess sweat and oil glands can be one of the reasons. But sun exposure also left your skin dry.

Spidery Veins:

With the aging skin, you will also find the same more prone for the eruption of various small blood vessels also known as telangiectasias.


Various Signs Of Aging Skin


Smoking causes repeated squinting of skin and helps in the creation of a network of lots of fine lines around your eyes. It can also rob skin from various nutrients like elastin.

Aging and Gravity:

It has been proved that the production of elastin and collagen slows down once you come nearby to 30. As elastin is the material that gives your skin elasticity and bounces whereas Collagen is a protein which provides the same fullness. And the effect is in the terms of gravity, and the facial expressions beginning to form furrows and deep lines on your skin.


The effect of aging in men and women is different due to the secretion of estrogen in females. As they start turning older the secretion of estrogen levels gets reduced and the same results in dryness, fine wrinkles and shrinking of their skin.




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