Often men look for the women who have limited desires, but will you be able to find any?

Impossible!!! and according to the psychologists, women always look to have everything and their choices, also gets change with their mood swings. I have personally experienced the same and have seen lots of women facing these issues and often expressing the same to us. That’s why it is often said that women can’t have enough.
For instance, one of the ladies during a session expressed herself that she has experienced the same issue at many instances of life and wished to express one of them:


For some days I became fond of Red, so much that I have painted my room walls red, bought clothes reflecting shades of red and even some part of the crockery too. But after sometimes, as the days passes I started getting  bored of the color and do not wish to look for red clothes and few days after the glimpse of red color too infuriates me, its like I don’t want the same anymore”
But the question still prevails!!!










If I talk about my own experience with women counseling, then I would state that women feel that they belong to a weaker sector of the society, in their heart this mentality still prevails. They try to keep themselves happy with these things which cause only momentary happiness to them, but for them at times, it becomes essential. They do like people saying good things about them it makes them feel stronger. Here I wanted to state an expression of mine for such women buying new stuff for yourself is not bad, but try to look for a rational choice. Don’t go with the flow of your emotions, try to be strong and take the decision that has the accountability in the long term.
Often women are said to have a thinking that lasted for short term and we have also mentioned the example above of the same. So, do not take any decision out of your anxiety levels, try to think well and then look forward to it. GOOD LUCK!!


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