Whenever I am late at night and my landlord opens the door, he judges me for the kind of clothes am wearing. If I must be wearing something traditional then he understood that it must be some family function. But if it is something western like the mini skirts, dress, shorts anything like that, he judges on the behalf of spoil girl. Yes, what if I like going to the nightclubs? What if I like making out my evenings sparkling? This is also an issue to the society?


Rather, when it comes to men then all of its finest. But I want to know one thing, that I know am a girl but can handle this fact. If I am wearing something that is my clothes, not my character. I like going out with my friends, having drinks and spending amazing time with my peers. And I know how to get back safe to my house too. So, my landlords need not to be worried about my character and of course my clothes too. But then too often they ask me to leave.


And with the time I also find one of the places where there is no landlord. And the only facility that I love here is Peace. But why do I need to go through so much of a mess? Was I wrong if I want to enjoy my weekends? Or they were correct if they ask me to leave? Couldn’t able to find the answer. But one thing I know about myself, that I am a hard working girl, who is trendy, follows fashion. And lives life as it comes. Have been through lots of setbacks in my career and look forward to making up every opportunity in the future. Do judge me through my goals and accomplishments, not by my clothes as it doesn’t resemble my character at all.


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